Investment in Oil and Gas: the impact of climate change

A view from the Finding Petroleum ‘Investing Under a Carbon Cloud’ discussion

On 19 November 2015, anticipating the COP21 Paris climate summit in January 2016, Finding Petroleum held a wide-ranging conference in London. Given the topicality of climate change policies, a glut of oil, and low commodity prices, what impact will these have on the outlook for investment in oil and gas over the next few decades?

In this briefing we examine the impact of climate change on future investment in the oil and gas sector, including:

  • CO2 emissions and global warming
  • an achievable 2°C warming limit
  • driving lower carbon emissions
  • the continued demand for oil and gas
  • global carbon pricing
  • carbon capture and storage (CCS)
  • recycling CO2
"Emerging climate change policies could be the biggest threat to the oil and gas industry; more important than the impact of current low commodity prices, which unlike climate change could be very temporary."