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Briefings: March 2016 Archive

Budget 2016 overview: everything you need to know

The Budget 2016 did not see the sweeping changes to pension tax allowances and reliefs that many had predicted, but the introduction of a new Lifetime ISA as well as the consolidation of the financial advisory services prompted a flurry of debate.

HEads up: news on pensions and other business risks within the Higher Education sector

Our Higher Education (HE) experience stretches over 20 years and includes advice across a top- tier client list, spanning the UK. In this newsletter, we bring you the latest news on pensions and other business risks within the HE sector.

Investment in Oil and Gas: the impact of climate change

Finding Petroleum held a conference in November anticipating the COP21 Paris climate summit in January 2016. Given the topicality of climate change policies, a glut of oil, and low commodity prices, what impact will these have over the next few decades?

Valuation services: for employers approaching pension scheme valuation

In this note we address some of the main issues that employers should be considering as part of their formal valuation process in 2016.

Annual Allowance survey

High earners could find themselves footing large tax bills when a series of changes to pensions tax relief are implemented in April 2016. Our survey looks at how companies are gearing up to assist their high earners mitigate the impact of these changes.

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