HMRC launch their lifetime allowance online service

At the end of July 2016, HMRC’s Lifetime Allowance Online Service went live on the GOV.UK website.

SIPP and SSAS members should now use this service to apply for the following forms of protection;

  • Individual Protection 2014 (available up until 5 April 2017)
  • Individual Protection 2016
  • Fixed Protection 2016

Protect your lifetime allowance

The online service can be accessed via GOV.UK

Click here

Supporting GOV.UK content can also be accessed at:

With the launch of their online service, HMRC will no longer process applications for lifetime allowance protection made using their interim process, which went live on 6 April 2016.

Any applications made after 31 July 2016 using the interim, paper-based, process will be returned and HMRC will direct the individual to the online service to make their application.

Please note that to apply online, you will firstly need to have an HMRC ‘Online Services Account’.  

"As this is an online service, applicants will no longer receive paper certificates showing their lifetime allowance protection details"

To create an account, or to login to an existing one, you should go to HMRC services: sign in or register

As this is an online service, applicants will no longer receive paper certificates showing their lifetime allowance protection details, (as was the case for earlier forms of protection).

Instead they will be able to view their protection details online, although will be able to print these off for their personal records.

From August 2016 onwards, HMRC will only recognise permanent protection notification numbers.  

Those who applied for Individual Protection 2016 and Fixed Protection 2016, via the interim process outlined above, were issued with a temporary protection number.

As this temporary protection only lasted up to 31 August 2016, temporary protection holders will therefore have to apply for a permanent protection notification number online, as soon as possible.

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