A Benefits Oddity

I think it is fair to say we are all different and yes I know we are talking by degrees but I think it is a reasonably fair starting point. 

Take your workplace where you may be sat reading this. Look around, the people near you are probably a little bit more similar to you than say the populous outside the office or factory door but look harder.

Actually, and certainly from my desk, I have three generations in front of me. All genders and sizes represented. All colours of the rainbow, god fearers to non believers. Some are broke, some are loaded and some just get by.

Yes we share, or are at least aware of, the same ethos and beliefs that are core to our business but as people and needs we are most certainly not the same. Yet benefit design is just that flaccid against the real needs of the people you employ.

Our Why BWell? survey issued with this months edition of Reward Magazine highlights how we all prioritise things differently. Your chalk is my cheese.

Why BWell?

Our Why BWell? Survey has been designed to help gain better understanding of what wellbeing means to current UK employees as measured against our Six Pillars of Employee Wellbeing.

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Benefits in the workplace are not cheap to provide and need managing, but do we as the employer understand if they are even valued?

To be honest, the problem starts with the fact that your employees probably need help to understand their own priorities first and then be engaged and educated on the benefits that you provide that may be appropriate in helping them. They then need to be able to make the right choice quick and easily.

The benefit to the employer is simple. Benefits, because they are pertinent, will be valued and you will attract and retain your workforce  (25% don't think you care at all about them). Better still, productivity rises and happy employees equate to happy clients. Suddenly you get a return on spend on Human Capital and benefits aren't just a cost and a drag to provide.

2016 is the year of Me2 and making the above a reality. Surely it makes sense to have your benefits workplace appropriate?


Me2 is our employer sponsored online member engagement portal promoting education and key messages to employees as well as facilitating choice across our six pillars of employee wellbeing.

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