The art of uniqueness

In a modern world of mass production and a ‘one size fits all’ ethos, we are in danger of losing sight of individuality and ‘uniqueness’.

In the workplace, it’s easy to think of employees as one workforce that share the same needs and opinions, with nothing to distinguish them from each other – much like a carbon copy print of a piece of art. The opposite of course is true.

Businesses are made up of unique individuals, whose needs to be recognised and catered for. After all, an engaged workforce, high in ‘wellbeing’ will result in a good ROI for the employer too.

As a consultancy, we go against the traditional ‘blanket approach’ to reward and benefit provision in the workplace. Recognising that homogenised benefits are not fit for purpose in the modern age, we place ‘uniqueness’ at the heart of our proposition.

"As a consultancy, we go against the traditional ‘blanket approach’ to reward and benefit provision in the workplace. "

A blank canvas

The idea of a ‘blank canvas’ is a great analogy for our approach as consultants.

We are truly independent and, because of this, we are not coloured or influenced by any internal or external factors. We don’t go in with preconceived ideas about what the solution might look like, we look at the uniqueness of your business and build up a picture of what is right for you as an organisation.

To be able to paint a true picture, we use analytics to gain a better understanding of the business. This forms an outline of the bigger picture, which we then build on with layers of understanding and knowledge to provide an effective strategy and holistic solution.

A self portrait

Creating benefits to mirror your specific needs, not because they are top of the list is imperative.

Certain benefits may not be required by sections of the workforce for example; death in service for someone with no dependants is clearly less of a priority. But flexible choice around specific life events is essential to provide truly personalised options.

In the same way that individuals have differing responses to the same piece of art, employees from different sectors and affluence backgrounds will look differently at the benefit choices available.

Each person is a unique part of the wider workforce picture and we build on this to create a strategy that is unique to you as a firm and works for your employees as well.

Breaking the mould

Our member engagement and education tool, Me2 is pivotal to our unique approach. Me2 enables employers to build an effective benefit programme that truly reflects their needs, allowing members to take control of their pension savings and benefit choices.

Although Me2 is member-centric, this unique tool ensures that members stay engaged and measures success resulting in ROI back to you as the sponsoring employer. 


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Workplace Pensions Live

We’re bringing our ‘bigger picture’ approach to Workplace Pensions Live this year.

Our unique stand will act as a blank canvas and, across two days, we’ll listen to the issues and concerns currently affecting the industry and through artist Barbara Moura, we’ll interpret your views to illustrate the industry’s ‘bigger picture’.

Join us in Birmingham between 11 – 12 May to take part and see our stand come to life.