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Blog: January 2015 Archive

PPF levies: all change?

As the deadlines for submitting information to Experian and the PPF approach, we take a look at recent changes to the levy calculation for the next triennium.

How does Solvency II fit into EIOPA’s strategic priorities?

EIOPA’s strategic priorities for 2015 were outlined in a speech by Gabriel Bernardino in November 2014. On the agenda were Solvency II, pensions to EU citizens, and consumer protection. In this blog we will take a closer look at Solvency II and what EIOPA has planned.

Is there an impact for employers of NHS cancer drug restriction?

As the NHS announces a restriction on certain life prolonging cancer drugs, does this provide further support to the argument that employers need to redesign their medical insurance schemes.

Johnson report comforts schemes providing CPI-linked pension increases

A review of consumer price indices suggests ending the use of the RPI as soon as possible. The report considers the available indices, what is the ultimate aim of measuring inflation, and focuses on what price indices will best meet the nation’s needs.

Appropriateness of standard formula for SCR

As part of the Solvency II framework, firms are required to understand and explain the differences between their own risk profile and the underlying assumptions of their SCR, to demonstrate appropriateness. We consider this requirement and process in our latest briefing note.

Asset data requirements for Solvency II

Insurers may be required to obtain additional asset data in order to satisfy Solvency II requirements. In particular, EIOPA has recently published its final report on public consultations on guidelines for the look-through approach. This blog summarises what may need to be collected and what to be discussing with your investment manager.

Unit-linked business – it just keeps getting harder

In removing the need to match the face value of the unit-linked liabilities, Solvency II threatens to change the straight forward nature of unit-linked business. There is now a need to make decision on investment strategy and risk mitigation.

Skilled Person Panel Meeting

On 5 December 2014 the FCA and PRA held a skilled person panel briefing. There were two key messages that came out of the meeting which we look at in our latest blog.

2014 – the year where Solvency II got real and we all bought Lamborghinis

2014 was a busy year for the actuarial world. Reading back over our blogs shows just how many things happened in the last twelve months, but there are three key reasons we will remember 2014; as the year Solvency II ‘got real’, and the year that both the annuity market and Barnett Waddingham Insurance changed forever.


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