Our defined benefit (DB) superfund articles look at TPR’s published details of the interim regime for superfunds, endgame options for schemes looking to buyout and whether or not a superfund is the right destination for a given pension scheme. 

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Navigating your endgame: the DB superfunds junction

Learn more about what the first defined benefit (DB) superfund transactions will look like and see how you can set a long-term objective with a superfund transaction in mind.

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Navigating the DB superfund regime – is it right for you?

With the recent publication of The Pensions Regulator’s interim regime for capital-backed consolidation vehicles, the first “superfund” transactions are now closer than ever.

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Superfunds: a new alternative to buy-outs?

Trustees must consider a number of factors when considering a superfund transaction. It is not just a way of bringing forward your endgame, says Barnett Waddingham’s Tom Hargreaves.    

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DB Superfunds - an alternative endgame?

Despite the protections offered by TPR’s tough new regime, assessing whether or not a superfund is the right destination for a given pension scheme will not be an easy decision.

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DB superfunds are emerging from lockdown, are schemes ready?

‘Superfund’ consolidation vehicles offer a genuine endgame option for schemes where buyout is perhaps out of reach, so we are pleased to see that, TPR’s interim regime has been published...

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DB Superfunds – TPR sets a high bar for new consolidation option

Recently, the Pensions Regulator published the eagerly-awaited details of the interim regime for superfunds. From here, we explore what the new rules will mean for PSF and Clara, and any other new entrants into the market.

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