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Barnett Waddingham
0333 11 11 222
At Barnett Waddingham, we understand the challenges facing local authorities and other public sector organisations in managing your pension scheme commitments – complex legislation, the demand for better governance, and the pressure on costs and resources.

We can advise you on the full range of pension issues affecting public sector schemes and can help with all aspects of funding, including triennial valuations and advice on the impact of employers leaving and joining funds, as well as benefits consultancy advice, including services to support local pension boards.

We also provide detailed accounting information for employers participating in public sector schemes, and regularly consult on issues such as outsourcing arrangements, service reviews and policy implications.

Our dedicated team brings a wealth of public sector experience to the table. We understand the unique environment in which you operate and are well versed in the rigours of public sector procurement, providing clear and comprehensive information for a wide range of stakeholders.

An experienced partner will assemble a bespoke team, and remain personally involved at all levels of the work. And our full range of proprietary software and online tools means we have the flexibility to deliver unique insights tailored to your exact needs.

In the last eight years, Barnett Waddingham has more than doubled its market share of local authority pension fund clients. We are proud to work in partnership with a growing number of local authorities and other bodies participating in the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) and other public sector schemes including police authorities, fire services, the NHS, Teachers and Principal Civil Service Pension Scheme (PCSPS), as well as charities, non-profit companies and other contractors across the public sector.

In particular, we have:
  • helped clients through triennial funding valuations over the last 20 years with all the challenges that have arisen
  • completed comprehensive employer covenant reviews for a number of clients as part of a programme to improve overall governance arrangements
  • prepared over 1,000 accounting disclosures each year for public service employers
  • helped many public sector employers manage their pension liabilities
  • provided support to pension committees and local pension boards

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    Life after GDPR in the public sector

    GDPR has been in force for a couple of months now and the flurry of opt-in emails and bulletins has finally died down. As actuaries in the public sector, the impact on day-to-day business has been, well, surprisingly minimal.

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    Public sector pensions: progress, preparation and perspectives

    At our pre-2019 valuation seminar, we shared our insight on all the latest in the Local Government Association, legal news in the public sector, 2019 valuations for LGPS funds and everything you need to know about our exciting new online data checker.

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    LGPS Annual Report 2017: highlights for fund actuaries

    The LGPS SAB released their latest report on 22 May, providing information on the status of the LGPS for its members, employers and any other bodies. We’ve shared key things for fund actuaries in the lead up to the 2019 valuation.

  • Choosing the right mortality table for your Fund

    Longevity is a topic of significant importance to defined benefit pension schemes and their actuaries. What can we learn from the latest research, what does it all mean for LGPS Funds - and why on earth does it have anything to do with shopping for shoes?

  • LGPS additional voluntary contribution reviews and current market activity

    The market for providers of AVC arrangements had seen little development in recent years, with providers doing little to change their propositions. We’ve summarised recently announced developments, and how we can help you review your AVC arrangements.

  • LGPS (Scotland) Regulations 2018 - Exit Credits

    The new LGPS (Scotland) Regulations came into effect in June, in response to a previous consultant which had closed in January. Following the lead of the recent LGPS (Amendment) Regulations this new regulation introduces the possibility of an exit credit.

  • Oct 15 2018
    LGPS Local Pension Board Members’ Autumn Seminar | London

    Exclusively for Board members, the autumn seminar will provide training and the latest updates on governance and the LGPS, including a focus on key emerging issues. It will also provide opportunities for discussion on the issues you face.

    Location: Barnett Waddingham, London

  • Oct 15 2018
    LGPS Officers’ Autumn Seminar | London

    The autumn seminar will enable officers to receive the same information as the Local Pension Board Members at our parallel local pension board seminars, covering the latest updates on governance, including the LGPS Regulations.

    Location: Barnett Waddingham, London

  • Picture for University Accounting Survey
    University Accounting Survey

    This is our seventh annual survey of the assumptions adopted by UK universities for determining the value of their pension liabilities for accounting purposes.

  • Picture for University Accounting Survey - July 2014
    University Accounting Survey - July 2014

    This is our sixth annual survey of the assumptions adopted by UK universities for determining the value of their pension liabilities for accounting purposes.

  • Picture for University Accounting Survey - July 2013
    University Accounting Survey - July 2013

    This is our fifth annual survey of the assumptions adopted by UK universities for determining the value of their pension liabilities for accounting purposes.

  • Negotiating a termination deficit with an LGPS fund

    This case study highlights a number of issues for employers who are Admission Bodies in the LGPS, including managing deficit predictions and understanding how assets within the pension fund are allocated.

  • Negotiating better contract terms in the public sector

    Our client was a public sector body with its own LGPS fund, who required us to negotiate better contract terms for the bidders. It demonstrates the benefit of the commercial focus we can bring to the public sector arena.

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