As technology continues to change the way we live and work, a core element of our pension administration service offering is online access. Our secure, easy to use, fully integrated online tools for company pension schemes give exceptional control over administration.

Efficient and cost effective communication for trustees, HR, payroll and members is essential. Using our BWebstream registration portal login, users will have online access at numerous levels to meet their particular needs, enabling them to find the right details anytime, anywhere, at the touch of a button.

"Developing our own software means we can ensure our online tools always meets our clients’ needs in the most efficient way."
Paul Latimer Head of Pension Administration, Barnett Waddingham

For trustees, the documents portal gives a valuable insight into their scheme and – with everything online – saves precious meeting preparation time. The portal can also lighten the load for HR and payroll teams by giving access to data, forms and reports as well as enabling files to be shared simply and securely.

Our Member self-service portal has been designed to allow members to access their personal information, see their pension benefits, view their scheme documentation, prepare their own retirement projections, and update their own contact details. Members can upload their personal documents digitally, and this means they do not need to put any sensitive documents – such as passports and bank details – in the post, in keeping with our commitment to a safer and more efficient process.

Our online tools give greater control and better insight for all.

BWebstream is the registration portal allowing access to our suite of bespoke integrated tools for pension scheme administration, funding and investments.

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