Our Teachers’ Pension Scheme resource library

This library of blogs, briefings and bite-sized videos has been designed to give a broad snapshot of different areas and is a free resource for bursars, governors and others involved in independent school teachers’ pensions. The insights are focussed on the Teachers' Pension Scheme (TPS), but are largely relevant for the Scottish equivalent.

It is important to note that each school is different and these videos should be seen as a broad introduction and certainly should not be viewed as advice by any school or party viewing these resources.

Video insight

Supporting independent schools

Background and developments in TPS

Checklist for change

The future of TPS?

Options for alternatives

Phased withdrawal

DC benefit design

DC provider options

The process for change

Consultation considerations

Ongoing review

Blogs and briefing notes


TPS options for independent schools

Our modular approach to services for schools is set out in this document. This is fully flexible and accommodates both the level of support needed and the stage in the process you’ve already reached. We do not believe one size fits all, and even our ‘Core’ approach will consider a school’s specific needs.

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TPS and the 2020 valuation consultations

These consultations will form a key part of the roadmap towards regaining more certainty in the cost of pensions for independent schools, and across the public sector.

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TPS: small steps towards certainty

We explore the proposed solutions resulting from the McCloud judgement and their impact on the outlook for the 2020 TPS valuation (due to come into effect from 2024). And we note the delay to the introduction of Phased Withdrawal as an option.

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Which pension scheme should your executive head join?

Executive head teachers are not eligible for the TPS where their role is primarily financial or administrative, but may meet the criteria to join other public sector pension schemes.

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Independent schools pensions: considerations for phased withdrawal

The Department for Education has published its long awaited response to the consultation on phased withdrawal (also known as “Mixed Economy”) from the Teachers’ Pension Scheme (TPS).

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Pensions in independent schools: do the TPS costs add up?

A look back on the year since the Government’s decision to increase the school contributions for the Teachers’ Pension Scheme (TPS).

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