Barnett Waddingham is a SIPP provider offering widely-respected third party administration (TPA) and digital white label SIPP arrangements for suitable business partners, giving your brand and customer relationships a real boost.

Adding a pension wrapper to your proposition and outsourcing administration can prove invaluable to your business by providing additional help and resource, without requiring you to undertake all the hard work from scratch. This can include:

  • SIPP administration by our staff
  • Relying on our vast SIPP experience rather than taking on new, unfamiliar risks and regulatory responsibilities
  • Using our intelligent SIPP360 technology and seamless API integrations, which provide processes that are digital and automated
  • Working with a single partner for SIPPs, making management far easier and your process more efficient

Our independent SIPP pension solution can increase your market reach, maximise your income streams and take the complexities out of developing your proposition. It can save you time and cost, while ensuring the best fit for your clients.

Why partner with us?

We have been administering self-invested pensions for over two decades and have been providing white label SIPP solutions since 2006. Best-known in the market as the SIPP partner of Interactive Investor since 2017, we have a growing number of SIPP partners.

As a market leader, we offer proven credibility, financial strength, leading expertise and a truly dedicated team to help you meet your objectives. The quality of our customer service and product features are consistently highly-rated.

Our intelligent suite of software provides comprehensive solutions, while our robust and rigorously tested operational processes are reinforced by the scalability of our SIPP360 technology.

Depending on your specific needs, we offer flexible and modular co-branded SIPP solutions, allowing you to tailor to your needs, minimise your in-house build, or simply enhance your existing offering.

Working with us will not only provide the assurance of a successful product, but also the confidence that your brand and identity will be enhanced by association.

What do we look for in a partner?

If you are interested in partnering with us on a co-branded/white label SIPP, we recommend you get in touch to see if we’re the right fit for each other.

While your proposition needs to align to our processes and integrate with our technology, it is fundamentally important we are aligned in terms of values, reputation and culture.

We look for long-lasting, win-win partnerships that work by delivering value for money – and value for experience – to customers. Our partners have experience in dealing with financial regulators, although this is typically in respect of their investment proposition rather than pensions. Their businesses can vary significantly, be they traditional or new, with or without financial advice, web- or app-first, or have their own in-house or bought-in investment solution. One thing they all have in common is that the provision and administration of individual pensions at scale is not their core business.

Think we could be a match?