Pearl Health is Barnett Waddingham’s streamlined offering for the implementation and ongoing administration of employee benefits.

Our Pearl Health Solution is designed to offer support and consultancy to employers in relation to their benefit arrangements, allowing them to offer benefits to employees with real value to them.

We believe that it is important to attract and retain employees via comprehensive employee benefit packages. Through our Pearl Health Solution we are able to offer streamlined services and products to our clients to help keep costs low and administration time for the employer to a minimum.

In addition to our consultancy service, the most common services provided are:

  • scheme renewal
  • scheme implementation
  • provider benchmarking
  • claims
  • medical underwriting

Pearl will arrange provision of deposit premium invoices (when appropriate), gather and audit renewal data, provide to the relevant insurer(s), thoroughly check and calculate the final annual statement of account and present to the employer.

We are able to manage all group risk claims from commencement to completion as well as providing guidance and assistance with the claim process.

Employees who require medical underwriting will be identified and we will provide guidance and assistance with this process. When decisions are made by the insurer, we are able to provide commentary on this and ensure these decisions are made within the relevant time periods.

Due diligence

We act with a high standard of care for our clients and therefore the Pearl Health Solution assesses vast criteria when selecting appropriate insurers to work with.

We have found the four most popular group benefits to be; group life assurance (including dependants’ pensions), group income protection, critical illness cover and private medical insurance.

Pays a tax-free lump sum or taxable dependants’ pension for loved ones of an employee in the event of their death whilst in employment and covered by the policy’s eligibility criteria. 

Provides a replacement income if an employee is absent from work due to long-term illness or injury.

A tax-free cash lump sum is paid out in the event an employee is diagnosed with a specified critical illness or medical condition during the term of the policy and survives for at least 14 days.

This provides for the financial cost of private medical treatment for short term acute medical problems.