Our specialist bulk annuity team has extensive experience of advising both trustees and companies on all aspects of buyouts and buy-ins, encompassing both traditional and medically underwritten bulk annuity processes.

Our team has strong ongoing relationships with all of the bulk annuity providers in the market, enabling us to develop bespoke deal solutions and ensuring our clients are aware of any offerings which can help them transact more efficiently and cost effectively.

We are also supplemented by dedicated expertise in the key related areas of investment, longevity and insurer financial strength assessments.

Working in partnership with you, we can advise on all aspects of the de-risking process including:

  • preparation and feasibility ensuring your scheme is in position to achieve the maximum level of insurer engagement
  • process support and project management thorough planning to deliver the critical steps within the desired timescales 
  • price negotiation and deal structuring using our close insurer relationships and market knowledge to secure the best possible terms
  • due diligence of insurers helping you understand the regulatory environment, insurer risk and financial strength

Our combination of trustee and company experience allows us to understand the perspective of both parties in a bulk annuity transaction, helping to facilitate a smoother process whilst achieving the underlying aims for our client and the pension scheme overall.

We recognise that the nature of bulk annuity deals is similar to other corporate/scheme transactions, where there is a need to be flexible, to respond quickly and to provide the appropriate level of support.

Recent client engagements:

  • We have advised on a wide range of transactions, including processes from approximately £800 million through to transactions of under £5 million. This includes schemes relating to a number of large firms and multinationals based in the UK and overseas, as well as small to medium sized companies
  • We have also advised several of the insurers in the bulk annuity market


Tate & Lyle: a journey plan in half the time

Our actuarial, investment and specialist bulk annuity advice centred on Tate & Lyle's £1bn+ UK DB pension scheme. Discover how we secured all members’ benefits with a bulk annuity insurer, successfully de-risking the scheme seven years ahead of plan. 

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