Wendy Kriz IFoA

senior consulting actuary

Wendy has nearly 20 years of general insurance actuarial experience in consultancy, company market and Lloyd’s. Wendy joined Barnett Waddingham from a Lloyd’s managing agency. 

Wendy’s experience extends to pricing, reserving and capital modelling (both model development and review). She also has experience in reinsurance and portfolio management.

Significant experience:

1. Model validation expert, including determination of appropriate test suite, conducting deep dives, review of actuarial processes, and managing the team producing validation reports.

  • Oversaw the IMAP for a subsidiary of a large international insurer, and managed implications to the overall internal model.
  • Produced and submitted validation reports to Lloyd’s for multiple syndicates.
  • Designed and executed validation tests of an internal model for multiple Lloyd’s syndicates.

2. Documentation specialist, with experience of documenting internal models, processes, software solutions and asset restructure impacts (all at company, syndicate and group level).

3. Expert at visualising complex model output – presented on visualisation at TIGI conference, April 2019.

4. Financial Lines Actuary for large Lloyd’s syndicate: Financial Institutions, D&O, Professional Indemnity and Motor fleet. Key focus areas included:

  • Pricing, reinsurance, reserving, capital, and underwriting account management. Working closely with underwriters on a daily basis across all aspects of their accounts. Performed individual large account pricing and pricing model development, including maintenance for several models.
  • Value was added for underwriters by improving their understanding of the account, for example with analyses by profession. As a consequence, the MI for all stakeholders was improved since the tools better reflected the whole UW process.
  • Wendy used the pricing model output to improve the reserving process (e.g. with better documented and well justified rate changes), present results to underwriters to improve understanding (e.g. review of average UW factor adjustments), develop pricing models in new areas, and perform analyses (e.g. loss ratios by profession).
  • UAT experience with pricing models and data systems at group level
  • Utilising capital models for reinsurance purchase, assessment of group internal loans, and risk appetite decisions.


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