Vivienne Maclure FIA

Principal and Consultant

Viv is a Principal within our Insurance and Longevity team, assisting clients in understanding longevity, mortality and morbidity risks.

Viv has worked extensively with several Committees of the Continuous Mortality Investigation (CMI). She is currently Secretary of the Income Protection Committee.

Viv’s involvement with the CMI began when she started working at Barnett Waddingham in 2002, pausing for a number of years, from 2012, whilst she gained wider experience working alongside life insurers before returning to her specialism in longevity.

Viv’s recent experience working with life insurers has equipped her with background and insight to better assist insurers in understanding their longevity, mortality and morbidity risks from a regulatory and more general risk management perspective.

Significant experience:

  • Involvement in the set-up of the SAPS investigation in 2002, including developing the system and setting up processes to collect, validate and process data and produce results.
  • Preparation of several CMI Working Papers covering regular analysis updates of mortality and morbidity experience and more detailed analyses, such as mortality improvements, mortality experience by industry class and graduations.
  • Project management of the production of the SAPS ‘S1’ and ‘S2’ series mortality tables and assisting with the production of the subsequent working papers.
  • Assisting with the production of the graduations of Income Protection ‘IPM 1991-98’ sickness inceptions and drafting the associated collection of working papers, presenting the work undertaken to produce these and the corresponding sickness terminations graduations.
  • Performing analyses and calculations required by UK insurers to meet regulatory requirements and peer reviewing the Actuarial Function, including internal and external audit support.
  • Reviewing insurers’ governance and risk management systems.


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