Stewart Grant

SIPP Client Manager

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Stewart serves both the administrative and technical requirements of his SIPP advisers and clients.

He provides a bespoke service to his SIPP clients and advisers. He is aware of the importance of providing an efficient administration service and maintaining a supportive relationship with financial advisers, clients and other professionals in connection with all SIPP matters such as transfers, contributions, investments, property and drawdown.

Stewart's clients are principally financial planners and advisers. Many are within reasonably close proximity of our Glasgow office, making face-to-face support possible as well as online, email and telephone. These advisers are from every segment of the industry: networks, large national firms, small local firms and the advisory arms of firms offering other professional services.

Stewart also deals with other professionals such as property solicitors for SIPP property purchase and investment managers. He also deals with SIPP members when appropriate, always respecting the relationship they have with their professional advisers wishes.

Significant experience:

  • support to financial advisers for completing due diligence and recommendations
  • technical support to financial advisers on HMRC rules
  • set up of SIPPs, DFM accounts and deposit accounts
  • drawdown including capped, flexible, partial and phased
  • direct investment in commercial property including cases with split ownership.

Other expertise:

Stewart deals with advisers in Scotland and England and so is familiar with Scottish and English law when it comes to a SIPP property purchase as well as dealing with unquoted share purchases.


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