Paul Hubbold FIA


Paul acts as Scheme Actuary to a number of trustee clients as well as advising corporates advising on defined benefit (DB) pension issues , in particular scheme funding, pension scheme investment strategy, de-risking and liability management.

Paul also has a keen interest in pensions accounting and provides advice to a number of corporates under FRS17, IAS 19 and US GAAP.

He has a varied experience from working with trustees of different size pension schemes with varying investment strategies.  Paul’s clear advice and recommendations have helped him steer trustees through sometimes difficult scheme funding negotiations.

Paul also has experience of providing guidance regarding the implications of Enhanced, Primary and Fixed protection and providing advice to corporates regarding determination and mitigation of PPF levies.

Significant experience:

  • advising trustees on Scheme Funding issues
  • advising trustees in relation to scheme mergers or bulk transfers
  • providing advice to trustees on bulk annuity transactions covering pensioner liabilities 
  • providing advice to corporates in relation to UK and US GAAP pensions accounting disclosures


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