Paul Hamilton FIA

Partner and Head of Higher Education

Paul is Scheme Actuary to a number of pension schemes, and advises a range of UK businesses and trustee bodies on DB pension issues including scheme funding, benefit design, and risk management.

Paul has particular expertise in the education sector and has overall responsibility for Barnett Waddingham’s services to the Higher Education sector. He also has specific experience advising multi-employer schemes; and helping clients successfully negotiate the pensions terms in public sector outsourcing contracts.

His commercial focus and communication skills ensure his clients understand the relevant dynamics of their pensions responsibilities – whether advising a small employer who has had little previous pensions advice, or an experienced trustee board on an unusual issue.

Paul is a member of the firm’s Management Board, and is responsible for our online funding modelling tool, Illuminate

Significant experience:

  • brought in to advise on a £1 billion public sector outsourcing contract – to give a commercial focus to the bid team, and ensure the pensions deal agreed with the bidders was in all parties’ interests
  • Scheme Actuary to a range of schemes – from single employer schemes with a few million pounds of assets to a large multi-employer (70+) scheme; including schemes that are open, closed, and in the PPF
  • advised a number of schools and housing associations about their participation in The Pensions Trust
  • provided advice to employer representative bodies about the actuarial assumptions proposed by the Government Actuaries’ Department, for use in the actuarial valuations of the Teachers’ Pension Scheme and the Firefighters’ Pension Scheme


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