Neil Davies FIA CERA


Neil advises a range of UK businesses on investment matters relating to their defined benefit (DB) and defined contribution (DC) pension schemes, as well as advising trustees of charities on their investment strategies.

He has expertise in a range of investment and actuarial work relating to pension schemes including strategic investment advice, investment manager selection, valuations, and expert witness support. He also advises charity clients on the investment of their charitable funds, including support with objective setting, asset allocation advice, governance issues, and manager monitoring.

Neil takes an enthusiastic and proactive approach to managing his clients. He aims to provide clients with advice which offers clear direction to assist in making a decision.

He enjoys helping to make complicated technical issues clear to clients, and spends much of his time considering how to tailor his advice to fit each clients’ circumstances. Working in collaboration with different parties is lso key – engaging with both trustees (or investment committees) and sponsors (or charities) generally leads to better outcomes.

Significant experience:

  • advice to pension scheme clients ranging in size from £1 million to £3 billion
  • expert witness support in the case of IBM UK Holdings and another v Dalgleish and others [2014]

Other expertise:

In June 2014 he represented Barnett Waddingham and the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries as a visiting lecturer to KNUST (university) in Ghana.


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