Matthew Paton FFA


Matt is a consulting actuary and provides wide ranging advice to a number of public sector pension funds across the country.

His main area of expertise is in relation to the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS).  This includes setting contribution rates for employers wishing to join the Scheme, producing annual accounting disclosures and carrying out triennial funding valuations in accordance with legislation.

His main clients are Local Authority Pension Funds that participate in the LGPS. 

Significant experience:

  • providing advice to LGPS Funds with over 300,000 beneficiaries and with assets ranging from £1bn to over £15bn
  • preparing hundreds of accounting disclosures each year for employers  who are required to account for their pensions obligations
  • setting contribution rates for admitted bodies and for Local Authority schools converting to academies
  • carrying out regular risk assessments for employers participating in the Scheme

Other expertise:

  • Providing bespoke advice when employers leave the Scheme;
  • Negotiating a number of bulk transfer payments to and from LGPS Funds each year.


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