Martin Hooper FIA

Principal and Senior Consultant - Corporate Actuary

Martin advises a range of businesses on defined benefit (DB) pension issues including scheme funding, accounting disclosures, risk management, liability reduction exercises and pension benefit design. He also provides advice to a number of pension trustee boards.

Martin has experience of a wide range of issues affecting pension schemes and this enables him to provide advice which helps the clients develop a consistent strategy to managing DB liabilities and risks. He also has particular expertise in pension accounting disclosures and has significant experience of advising clients on preparation of disclosures under IFRS, UK and US GAAP and leads the development of the firm's services in this area.

He has experience of advising a wide range of UK, multi-national and not-for-profit organisations and provides advice which is pragmatic and tailored to the client's circumstances.

Significant experience:

  • advice to UK and multi-national clients with combined liabilities of over £4 billion on pension scheme funding and corporate pension strategy
  • advice to UK, multi-national and not-for-profit clients on their pension and post-retirement medical plan accounting disclosures
  • developing strategies to manage and ultimately settle pension fund liabilities
  • design of liability management exercises

Other expertise:

Martin was involved in one of the first 'PPF plus' buy-ins and also managed a buy-in project which was completed in two weeks following instruction from the client (believed to be one of the fastest turnarounds to date).


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