Mark Pipe FPMI


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Mark advises directors and trustees of UK private limited companies on their Small Self-Administered Schemes (SSAS) and is head of small schemes operations, implementing and monitoring best practice for small schemes consultancy and administration across all SSAS teams.

Mark advises directors and trustees on SSAS issues including scheme establishment, contributions, investments (such as property purchase, loan backs, borrowing) retirement benefits and death benefits.  Mark is a director of Barnett Waddingham’s trustee companies.

His years of advising SSAS clients make Mark a trusted consultant for SSAS clients needing concise and down-to-earth guidance and solutions on matters which crop up during the lifespan of a SSAS often involving the complex and ever changing subject of HMRC legislation and its impact on trustees’ options on scheme design, investments and benefits.  

Mark advises many clients wishing for their SSAS to invest with their company with the objective of prosperity for both.

Significant experience:

  • recently worked with a client to consolidate his existing pension savings into a SSAS (circa £320k) which he then used to buy a property to let to his son’s auto business

  • advised a client on the making of a significant contribution to a SSAS (£100k) with 50% being loaned back to his company, all paperwork to set up the scheme and make the loan was completed and loan capital transferred within four weeks of the contribution   

  • Mark is comfortable with his clients’ SSASs holding a mixture of pooled and earmarked investments within the same SSAS

  • Mark’s clients cover the whole range of sectors including accountants, engineering, property developers, construction, printers, clothing manufacturers and retailers


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