Luke Wheeler CFA

Investment Consultant

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Luke is an investment consultant responsible for providing advice to a number of defined benefit (DB) pension schemes.  

He advises both trustees and employers on all matters of investment strategy from long-term objective setting through to asset allocation, manager selection, implementation and governance, and ongoing monitoring. His clients include trustees of defined benefit pension schemes ranging in size from around £5m to over £200m in liabilities.

Luke has experience working with DB pension schemes at various stages of maturity. He enjoys the analytical side of his role, as well as finding the right way of communicating with clients in order to help them understand what can often be complex issues.

Outside of client work, Luke is a member of Barnett Waddingham’s Liability Driven Investment (LDI) research team where he is responsible for the ongoing assessment of existing funds and managers, and also exploring new products ahead of  release to the market.  

Significant experience:

  • Designing bespoke investment strategies for clients starting from an understanding of their specific investment goals.
  • Ongoing monitoring of strategies, highlighting the key causes of any departures from funding targets and scrutinising investment manager performance.
  • Designing and reviewing higher governance investments such as liability hedging mandates, closed-ended illiquid assets, and cashflow-matching strategies.
  • Following the latest industry developments and bringing new investment ideas to clients.


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