Louise Lau FFA

Associate and Actuary

Contact details

Louise is an actuary in the public sector team, and provides advice to a range of LGPS Funds. She is experienced in dealing with funding and accounting related issues in the LGPS.

She acts as first point of contact for a number of our Local Authority clients, in particular Louise has a lot of experience working with Scottish LGPS Funds. 

Significant experience:

  • funding and other advice to Local Authority Pension Funds
  • academy conversions, calculating the attributable deficit and contribution rate
  • advice on accounting disclosures for public sector employers including complex disclosures where employers are in surplus, or have ceased to trade or have pass through arrangements in place
  • negotiating, calculating and agreeing a number of bulk transfers each year
  • advising on the continually evolving regulatory regime of the LGPS

Other experience:

  • Louise has particular expertise working with Scottish LGPS Funds
  • providing advice on risk-sharing arrangements in the LGPS, such as pass-through
  • issues relating to academy schools in English LGPS Funds


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