Lisa McMinn


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Lisa services the technical and administrative demands of advisers and clients using SSASs and SIPPs.  She has responsibility for the Glasgow office's SSAS and SIPP Teams.  

Lisa provides bespoke advice to advisers and clients using SSASs and SIPPs. She is fully aware of the importance of providing an efficient administration service and maintaining a supportive relationship with advisers and clients. Lisa can advise on all areas of SSAS and SIPP ranging from contributions, transfers, investments (in particular property purchase and loanback), right through to drawdown. Over the years she has helped many people utilise their pension monies to help finance their businesses.

Lisa’s clients are principally financial planners and advisers, many of whom are within reasonable proximity to the Glasgow office, making face -to- face support possible. These advisers are from every segment of the industry. She also has a number of direct clients who range from individuals to mid sized limited companies all of whom have chosen to make pension provision through self invested pensions.

Significant experience:


  • advice to limited companies and their advisers about establishing a SSAS for the benefit of the directors and the company
  • provide existing SSAS clients and their advisers with bespoke consultancy services
  • technical Support to clients and their advisers on SSAS investments and HMRC rules


  • advice/support to financial advisers on setting up a SIPP and completing due diligence and recommendations
  • providing new and existing advisers with bespoke consultancy services
  • technical support to advisers on SIPP investments and HMRC rules

Other expertise

Lisa deals with advisers and clients based in both Scotland and England so she is familiar with both Scottish and English law when it comes to dealing with SSAS and SIPP property purchase and SSAS loanback.

She is also part of the firm’s SSAS and SIPP Operations groups and is a regular speaker at Barnett Waddingham's SSAS and SIPP seminars.


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