Lisa Lawson FIA


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Lisa has a range of experience in providing advice to pension scheme trustees and sponsors including scheme funding issues, investment strategy and corporate accounting.

Lisa’s main area of expertise is in assisting pension scheme trustees manage their ongoing plans towards meeting member benefits in full.  This includes advising on funding, investment, covenant and governance risks.  She is also involved in advising clients on their Executive pension arrangements.

Lisa has a wide range of experience in advising both trustee and corporate clients.

Lisa also works with and assists the Head of Executive Pensions on all pension matters, advising executives and their employers on tax efficient pension provision and retirement planning.

Significant experience:

  • advice to Trustee clients on scheme funding and valuations
  • advice to Employers on accounting issues
  • advice to Trustees on governance arrangements and responsibilities
  • advice to Trustees on general pensions issues, including factor reviews, regular updates and maintaining expertise on current pensions issues
  • advice to clients on their Executive pension arrangements
  • advice to Employers in relation to pension issues for senior staff


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