Liam Drysdale FFA

Consulting Actuary

Liam works as a consulting actuary on a wide range of Local Government Pension Funds.

He supports the Fund Actuary in providing funding and valuation advice.

Liam does a lot of work relating to the participating employers in the Funds which includes individual employer funding and accounting advice as well as other ad-hoc pieces of work required by these Funds and their employers.

Liam is a senior member of the LGPS valuation project board and uses his excellent organisation skills to oversee the timetable of the entire project.


  • LGPS Funds and their participating employers


Significant experience: 

  • gives funding advice to LGPS Funds and their participating employers
  • provides a high number of IAS19 and FRS102 accounting disclosures each year, including complex cases such as asset ceiling calculations, pass-through arrangements and allowing for bulk transfers
  • involved in developing task management and efficiencies both internally and externally.
  • senior member of the LGPS valuation project board which is responsible for the valuation project
  • calculates attributable deficits and contributions rates for new academy conversions and new admission bodies in the Fund

Other expertise: 

  • worked on various bulk transfers, including negotiating terms and carrying out calculations
  • experience in dealing with longevity insurance swaps
  • training officers, committees and local pension boards on funding issues and current issues relating to the LGPS