Lewys Curteis FIA CERA

Associate and Senior Consultant - Corporate Actuary

Lewys advises companies on a wide range of defined benefit (DB) pension issues, including funding valuations, corporate accounting, insurance transactions and liability management.

He has completed projects for a variety of different companies (with schemes ranging from the low millions to the multi-billions), helping to reduce both risk and cost. Lewys also leads Barnett Waddingham’s expert PPF levy team. His personal approach combined with a proactive attitude has made him a trusted adviser for a range of UK and multi-national businesses of different sizes and across different sectors.

Lewys has also spent time in the USA as part of Barnett Waddingham’s joint venture with Milliman, building up a good understanding of US pensions issues.

Significant experience:

  • delivery of accounting disclosures for a company with £1.5 billion of DB obligations
  • assisting companies with a range of liability management exercises
  • PPF levy mitigation advice for a variety of different organisations
  • working directly with the PPF on the transition of insolvency risk provider from D&B to Experian in 2013.


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