Jordan Griffiths CFA

Associate and Sustainable Investment Consultant

Jordan is a Sustainable Investment Consultant working within Barnett Waddingham’s Sustainable Investment Team.

He is heavily involved in both providing a sustainable research capability and helping clients formulate, develop and implement their sustainable investment and wider investment aims.

Sustainability means different things to different clients. As such, Jordan focuses on developing pragmatic solutions which consider both risk and opportunity, to allow clients to best incorporate sustainability into their investment frameworks.

His research on climate risk scenario modelling, including the evaluation of offerings by third party providers and creation of Barnett Waddingham’s in house climate analysis framework, means he is well placed to build on Barnett Waddingham's Taskforce on Climate Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) expertise and help clients in this area. Furthermore, his research and experience across other sustainability areas, such as environmental wider than climate (such as biodiversity and natural capital), social and governance issues makes him ideally suited to helping clients across wider sustainable areas.

Jordan’s experience across areas wider than sustainability allows him to consider the bigger picture, allowing him to provide sustainable investment solutions that complement a client’s existing frameworks.

Significant experience

  • Sustainable investment services and research
  • TCFD and climate change governance, strategy risk and opportunity management and monitoring
  • Advising clients on sustainability issues (setting ESG policies, ESG implementing and ESG monitoring)
  • Advising clients on wider issues (investment strategy, manager selection and implementation)

Other expertise

Jordan often represents BW by speaking and presenting at industry events, both internal and external, as well as contributing to roundtables and articles. He often speaks on sustainability and ESG, but also covers wider investment issues.


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