John Lawton FIA


John helps trustees and employers deliver the retirement benefits promised to scheme members in a cost-effective and risk-controlled environment.

The majority of his time is spent working with engaged trustees and employers looking to implement funding and investment strategies that provide more certainty and control over costs. John is obsessive about keeping operational matters simple, effective and as technology led as possible. Doing this means scheme members receive an outstanding service that differentiates from our competitors.

John's main areas of expertise include Scheme actuary to schemes ranging from £20m-150m, with a range of covenant strengths and risk attitudes.

His wide range of clients include private firms, family businesses (usually with legacy DB schemes), support actuary to schemes up to one billion and publicly quoted companies.

Significant experience:

  • Lead for 5,000 member CETV quotation exercise, covering ~£500m in liabilities

  • Delivery of embedded TPIE option at retirement for scheme covering c200 cases to date and implemented online member feedback loop for continuous service improvement

  • Part of the advisory team to agree one of the first PPF/TPR approved s75 debt comprises





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