Joanne Hill

SSAS Client Manager

Joanne has experience looking after a portfolio of Small Self-Administered Pension Scheme (SSAS) clients located across the UK.

She advises a range of directors and trustees on SSAS issues including scheme establishment, funding and contribution limits, retirement and death benefits and investments (such as loan backs, property purchase and borrowing).

Joanne’s years of experience have helped her to become a trusted consultant to a wide range of UK SSAS clients.

Significant experience:

  • advice to a wide range of SSAS clients of varying size
  • advice to SMEs on the establishment and operation of SSAS for owner/managers
  • Joanne is comfortable with her clients’ SSASs holding a mixture of pooled and earmarked investments within the same SSAS
  • bespoke consultancy to SSAS cases with esoteric investments


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