Jeff Houston

Principal and Senior Pensions Consultant

Jeff is part of our experienced Public Sector Consulting Team.

He provides expert advice and guidance on public service pension regulation and governance. He regularly assists on all elements of scheme design, governance reviews, employer issues and decision-maker education.

Jeff's key clients include LGPS administering authorities and employers.

Significant experience: 

  • extensive knowledge of Public Service Pension primary and secondary legislation
  • experience of directly influencing pensions policy and the legislative process
  • experience of government/employer/trade union negotiation at national level
  • experience of guidance and training for LGPS decision makers
  • broad knowledge of LGPS funding and investment
  • conference speaking and chairing
"The industry is continuously changing; adapting to new challenges and a never ending stream of regulations – such as Climate, McCloud and Levelling Up. We provide free thinking consideration of the impacts these changes can have across the LGPS while helping clients develop their own bespoke solutions."


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