James Jones-Tinsley FPMI APFS Chartered Financial Planner

Self-Invested Pensions Technical Specialist

James assists colleagues in both the SSAS and SIPP Practice Areas on a wide range of technical matters relating to the operation and governance of Barnett Waddingham’s self-invested pension arrangements.

James also presents to clients, advisers and other professionals on topical pension matters, liaising with the media regarding changes to pension legislation and its likely impact on consumers.

During his career in pensions, James has developed particular expertise in interpreting, and then applying, complex technical issues to real life client scenarios.  James is part of the firm’s technical resource group for self-invested pensions.

James’ extensive pensions experience, clear advice, and friendly approach helped him to become a trusted consultant to a wide range of UK-based individuals and commercial organisations; particularly those within the SME sector.

Significant experience

  • technical input on a wide range of both SIPP and SSAS clients, with funds ranging from relatively small amounts to those amounting to several million pounds
  • significant experience in retirement planning issues; working with individuals to help them select the most appropriate way(s) of taking their SIPP and SSAS pension benefits from the myriad of options now available
  • experience in the active investment management of SIPP and SSAS funds across a variety of permissible types of investments
  • experience in the arranging, and ongoing management of, loans and borrowing for SIPP and SSAS clients
  • an ability to ‘translate’ complex legislation and regulatory requirements for SSAS’ and SIPPs into ‘plain English’ summaries, for use and application by clients and their respective Client Managers

Other expertise

James has significant experience in SSAS and SIPP commercial property purchases, and once helped a family to purchase a Yorkshire-based tourist attraction via their Group SIPP.


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