Graeme Muir FFA

Partner and Head of Public Sector

Graeme is Fund Actuary to a number of Local Authority Pension Funds and also advises a large funeral trust.  He also provides strategic investment advice to a number of clients.

Graeme has been providing actuarial advice to LGPS Funds for over 25 years and in that time has advised 60% of all LGPS funds. He is recognised as an expert within the LGPS and provides input to DCLG/SPPA and other policy making bodies involved with the LGPS.

As fund actuary to Local Authority Pension Funds, Graeme primarily provides funding advice to his clients but also assists in employer reviews, other consulting projects and strategic investment advice.

Significant experience:

  • funding advice to Local Authority Pension Funds
  • advice on accounting disclosures for public sector employers
  • strategic investment advice
  • actuary to funeral plans


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