Geoffrey Howard FIA


Geoff is a scheme actuary and main contact to a range of trustees on defined benefit pension schemes advising on a broad range of issues. He is a technical expert and integral in the development of BW’s actuarial technology to meet clients’ needs.

Geoff has gained a depth of experience advising on funding issues, journey-planning, transition to wind-up, factor reviews, benefit changes, GMP equalisation, company accounting, and PPF levies, and supporting other advisers and member communications. He has overseen development of a variety of BW’s bespoke actuarial systems, including valuation improvements, and cashflow modelling software for insurers.

Geoff has worked with clients of all sizes, where he has provided clear and considered advice, tailored to their needs. He is flexible and pragmatic in his approach, helping his clients to achieve the best possible outcome.

Significant experience:

  • supporting trustees in funding decisions and negotiations 
  • working with clients and other advisers to develop and monitor journey plans and risk strategies, aided by BW’s technology
  • guiding a number of clients through benefit changes, including closure, and equalisation
  • assisting clients through buy-in, buy-out, and wind-up
  • providing experts pensions knowledge in the development of bulk annuity products for insurers, and developing BW’s cashflow modelling to support insurers on an ongoing basis

Other expertise:

Geoff is a key member of the firm’s actuarial systems strategy team, overseeing BW’s bespoke actuarial models and software.



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