Garry Smith PhD AIA

Associate and Senior Consulting Actuary

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Garry is a senior consulting actuary providing advice on a range of topics including pensions and financial risk management in the public sector.

Garry’s focus is on supporting funds and employers in the LGPS. He brings his extensive knowledge of accounting and audit to the more technical aspects of accounting for pensions, while helping employers manage their financial risk and governance challenges.


Garry’s main clients are the funds, local authorities and other employers in the public sector.

Significant experience:

  • Accounting and Audit – Garry has worked on pensions accounting and audit for two of the big-four audit firms, bringing this experience for the benefit of public sector employers reporting under UK and International accounting standards.
  • Risk Management and Governance – as a former Head of Credit and Financial Risk, Garry has the experience to help clients set risk strategies, navigate formal governance and implement processes in practical and effective ways.
  • Treasury Risk – working closely with corporate treasury departments, Garry has the experience in cashflow modelling and the knowledge of short-dated investment options that balance the need to generate returns while managing liquidity and interest rate risks.
  • Communication – Garry honed his skills in communicating technical concepts to non-specialist audiences when working as features editor at The Actuary magazine.

Other expertise:

Garry’s commitment to coaching and mentoring the upcoming generations includes guest lecturing at the Scottish Financial Risk Academy and the joint Heriot Watt/Edinburgh masters degree programmes.


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