Chris Handley FIA

Principal and Co-Head of Insurance Investment

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Chris is our Co-Head of Insurance Investment leading the firm’s strategic thinking on our investment consulting proposition to insurers. He is an investment consultant, advising clients including insurers, charities, and pension schemes on a range of issues including long-term strategy, risk management and manager selection.

He has experience of a wide range of investment and actuarial work and ensuring that clients’ approaches to their investments are thought of in a consistent, joined up way.

He is also involved with innovative investment solutions and has helped to develop a capital-backed investment product.

Alongside his client work, Chris also leads the team responsible for maintaining and developing Barnett Waddingham’s risk-modelling tools. He is therefore well placed to interpret, advise on and get agreement for a variety of risk management strategies.

Chris currently works with clients ranging in size from under £10m to over £1bn.

Significant experience:

  • Investment strategy work – from setting the high-level strategic asset allocation to implementation of agreed solutions.
  • Designing innovative investment solutions to help clients achieve their objectives within their respective regulatory regime.
  • Asset-liability modelling and the development of internal risk and strategy models.
  • Responsible and sustainable investment policies and practical implementation.
  • Advising on risk management frameworks.


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