Ann Tang

Associate and Software Delivery Manager

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As the Software Delivery Manager, Ann’s role encompasses managing a team of Software Quality Assurance Technicians and Scrum Masters, supporting their work within specialised Software Development teams, driving them to deliver the highest quality software for Barnett Waddingham and clients.

Her main area of expertise is to guide and enable the Software Development teams and their product owners in delivering quality software, ensuring they have the right resource, knowledge and tools.

This in turn ensures that resulting software is delivering value and helping to achieve results that are aligned with the strategic goals of business areas within Barnett Waddingham. 

Ann’s main clients are colleagues in Barnett Waddingham, enabling them to continually deliver their work and meet their client’s deadlines.

Significant experience:

  • since joining Barnett Waddingham, Ann has pushed for culture of “quality first” in our Software Development teams, leading a growing team of Quality Assurance Technicians. Whilst at the same time, embedding the importance of quality in the software they produce
  • she continues to work with our teams, not only to deliver better quality, but to deliver faster, more consistently and sustainably.  This is part of our journey towards achieving greater agility in not just our Software Development teams, but our IT team and Barnett Waddingham as a whole
  • calling on her Project Management experience, Ann took over an already over-running project to implement an Electronic Document Management system, improving capacity and workflow to two significant business areas.


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