Angela Gay FIA


Angela is Scheme Actuary to a number of clients, advising trustees on the whole range of challenges facing UK defined benefit (DB) pension schemes. Angela also advises a range of UK businesses on DB pension issues including risk reduction exercises, scheme funding and accounting disclosures.

In her Scheme Actuary role, Angela helps trustees negotiate the often complex landscape of pensions, explaining things in plain English. In her corporate role, Angela has developed particular expertise on scheme funding negotiations and has helped many businesses to manage the cash flow requirements of their pension schemes.

Angela’s extensive experience has helped her become a trusted consultant to a wide range of UK businesses.

Significant experience:

  • advice to multi-employer pension schemes, helping businesses manage their scheme liabilities
  • helping clients reduce their PPF levies through a range of approaches – from improvements to their insolvency risk rating through to using contingent assets
  • provided advice on bulk annuity transactions
  • provided advice on scheme mergers and the payment of winding up lump sums

Other expertise:

Angela has also worked on some divorce cases, providing advice to solicitors and their clients on splitting pension assets on divorce.  In addition, Angela has considerable experience in calculating loss assessments – she was involved in helping numerous clients involved in the pension mis-selling review.