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Barnett Waddingham
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Alison Hamilton FFA


Alison is fund actuary to a number of Local Authority Pension Funds. She also provides strategic advice to a number of funds and their participating employers where she is not the fund actuary.

Alison has been providing actuarial advice to LGPS funds for over 20 years and in that time has advised most of all LGPS funds. Alison is our current member of the Association of Consulting Actuaries Local Government Pensions Sub-committee, whose member’s firms advise all the LGPS funds across the UK. She was the recent chair of this sub-committee and met regularly with CLG (Communities and Local Government) for their Policy Review Group representing the ACA committee on all matters of potential development of the new LGPS Scheme.

She also advised the Local Government Policy Committee (LGPC) and Officer Advisory Group and has more recently been involved with the Local Government Association (LGA) with their proposals on the LGPS reforms via their Shadow Board-sub committees. She continues to attend the various shadow board subcommittees as well as the meetings with the CLG and this ensures she is best placed to represent our funds and liaise with other actuaries and their firms in the areas which affect public sector pension issues.

As fund actuary to Local Authority Pension Funds, Alison primarily provides funding advice to her clients but also assists in employer reviews, other consulting projects and strategic investment advice.

Significant experience:

  • funding advice to Local Authority Pension Funds
  • advice on accounting disclosures for public sector employers
  • public sector employers participation is statutory schemes
  • LGPS reform

Other expertise:

As part of the wider Public Service Pension Review, Alison has also provided evidence to the Public Service Pension Bill committee which was debated within the House of Commons.

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