Dan Wooder IMC CAA

Principal and Investment Consultant

Dan works primary with UK defined benefits schemes on a range of investment strategy and related matters including long-term de-risking.  
He has practical experience in a wide range of related areas, including manager research, performance assessment and asset-liability modelling. In addition to advising clients on investment strategy, Dan has spent a considerable amount of time helping clients with fiduciary management mandates and is a key member of Barnett Waddingham’s FM Evaluate Team.
His experience in this area spans setting investment governance structures, research of providers, competitive tender exercises, ongoing monitoring and reviewing existing portfolios. As well as working with trustees and employers on a range of schemes, ranging from £10m to multi-billion

Significant experience:

  • Advising in relation to setting long-term strategy, manager selection, risk management, LDI strategies and performance monitoring
  • Fiduciary management oversight – selection and monitoring
  • Investment governance training – advice on arrange of delegation and implementation models, including fiduciary management.


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