Well considered crisis management and business continuity planning can prove to be a lifesaver when turmoil erupts – and should form part of every organisation’s operating model. It helps to be wise before the event, not after it. 

However even the best laid plans can come unstuck during a crisis. Do you have clear lines of accountability for decision making or communications? Do you have a clear list of organisational priorities? 

Your teams need to be able to cope with a crisis and learn how to do this even better the next time. This is valuable experience for any organisation, especially for those that are both diverse and dispersed.

Helping you prepare for a crisis

Our Crisis Management Simulation Tool enables you, either on your own or with experienced support, to understand how you would cope. The online platform facilitates virtual and, where necessary, global discussions so that you do not wait have to wait for a crisis to see how things might work. 

The facilitated simulation also ensures you receive feedback on how you might have reacted (or planned) in a more appropriate way. So you can make sure your plans and teams are fit for purpose. 

Use our generic simulation, designed with leading industry clients, for a fraction of the cost of similar tools. Or work with us to create a bespoke simulation that meets your needs.

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Train your teams with a dynamic simulation

We appreciate that designing a crisis scenario for a desktop exercise or simulation can be difficult. You want it to be engaging and challenging, whilst ensuring that your crisis exercise objectives are being met. 

Our Crisis Management Simulation Tool is allows you to do just that, using realistic scenarios and behaviour-led learning techniques to make sure you can be as prepared as possible for the unexpected.

We have developed a cost effective, generic scenario so you can train your teams with immediate effect. For more information on the generic scenario, see our FAQs.

You may also have specific objectives, teams, and situations that you would like to test. We can work with you to design and produce a bespoke simulation that suits your organisation’s needs. 

For further information on either the generic or bespoke scenarios, you can contact our team.

Benefits of our generic crisis simulation include:

An innovative, behaviourally led crisis exercise which enables learning from the scenario to “stick” and drive team engagement

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Online platform for remote or physical delivery

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Unlimited access to the scenario for 12 months – you can run the crisis simulation as many times as you like with as many teams as needed using a single facilitator log-in

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Cost and time savings

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Engaging content - realistic, high production value injects including video footage, social media posts, web pages, calls and emails

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Can be facilitated by you or one of our team

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Want to know more about our generic scenario and simulation?

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Our generic crisis simulation package options

You can buy the crisis simulation standalone package for £159 per month (billed annually at £1908 + VAT).


A realistic, objectives led crisis management scenario (see FAQs for further details)

Unlimited use for 12 months across multiple teams using a single facilitator log-in

Access to our online platform for remote delivery



You can have one of our experienced consultants facilitate your session for an additional cost of £2,000 + VAT (total cost £3908 + VAT).


Facilitation of a 2 hour simulation 

A 30 minute introductory call prior to the simulation to understand your needs

A report following the simulation to provide assurance and recommendations 

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The Crisis Management Simulation Tool is available as part of the professional subscription package to the Barnett Waddingham Risk Portal.

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To learn more about our Crisis Management Simulation Tool, or our Business Continuity and Resilience services, please contact our dedicated risk team.


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