Three emerging trends advisers should be following

Published by James Jones-Tinsley, Andy Leggett on

Our experts

  • James Jones-Tinsley

    James Jones-Tinsley

    Self-Invested Technical Specialist

  • Andy Leggett

    Andy Leggett

    Principal and Head of SIPP Business Development

  • Join our pensions experts, James Jones-Tinsley and Andy Leggett, as they keep advisers informed of the latest developments.

    Three emerging trends discussed:

    • Will a DWP Working Group to address the erosion of small pension pots open the door to the “pot follows member” idea?
    • Is a recent call for input by the FCA a sign that the FSCS levy is going to be restructured?
    • And can we expect to see more assertive use of new powers to tackle issues such as pensions cold calling?

    Please do get in touch with James or Andy below if you have any questions or would like to talk about any of the topics discussed in more detail.


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