Barnett Waddingham report added to PPF Levy website

The Pension Protection Fund (PPF) has uploaded the Barnett Waddingham report ‘Understanding the Impact of Change in Insolvency Risk Model’ to the Pension Protection Levy Consultation section of its website.

The report is intended to give an indication of the groups of companies that are likely to see an improvement or worsening in relative insolvency risk score resulting from the differences between the Dun & Bradstreet failure score model (used prior to April 2014) and the proposed PPF-Specific Insolvency Risk Model.

This report should be a useful starting point for companies wanting to understand why their insolvency risk rating has changed under the proposed new insolvency risk model.  However, with a such a fundamental change in approach there will undoubtedly be many factors that have caused the change and individual company specific analysis may be required.

The report was commissioned by the PPF as part of the development work on PPF-specific insolvency risk model for determining levy payments.  It is also referenced in the latest Pension Protection Levy Consultation document.