New commercial property insurance option in conjunction with Hettle Andrews

It is no exaggeration to say that proper landlord’s insurance is vital for any SIPP or SSAS invested directly in commercial property.

That is no less the case if the property is not mortgaged, or is not the sole pension investment: a large part of your retirement savings will be invested in the commercial property and a loss could be catastrophic to your retirement plans.

Here to help

Given its importance, we decided to put our scale and experience in commercial property to good use. Working with Hettle Andrews, an independent firm of insurance brokers with Chartered Status, we have put together an option for commercial property insurance.

What’s covered?

The policy provides competitive and broad insurance cover, which has been designed specifically to provide insurance protection for SIPP and SSAS members’ property assets, rental income and legal liability as property owners. The policy provides cover:

  • for physical loss or damage including fire, theft, flood, breakage of fixed glass, subsidence, landslip and heave on an ‘all risks’ basis (which, in this context, means all risks unless they are specifically excluded)
  • in the event of damage following a terrorism incident (except Northern Ireland); damage which leads to a loss of rental income; and £10 million (SIPP) or £5 million (SSAS) of public liability insurance to protect the scheme from legal liability as owner

How to get it

We are confident that the price we are able to achieve with our bulk purchasing power is competitive when measured against comparable quotes. If you think you would like to join others already using the policy, all you need to do is contact your usual client manager directly so that a quote can be provided.

Peace of mind

By using the policy, you can be sure that your cover will not lapse unnoticed, leaving your property and retirement at risk. You will be notified in advance each year when renewal is due, ensuring you know what it will cost and making it easy to maintain cover.


  • Make sure we have details of your current commercial property insurance and when it is due for renewal
  • Check the property details we hold - and that the insurance broker is using - are correct
  • Keep your property valuation current to minimise the risk of being under-insured

Can I do my own thing?

Yes, of course. If you prefer not to use our policy, you will need to make your own arrangements and ensure this remains in place at all times. We would strongly advise you to make absolutely certain that any policy of your own choosing covers all the relevant risks to your SIPP or SSAS property and to an appropriate level.

Did you know? 

Taken together, Barnett Waddingham SIPPs and SSASs own in excess of 3,500 commercial properties, covering almost every postal area in the UK.

It is common practice for insurance brokers to pay a commission and you will receive details of what Barnett Waddingham receives as part of the quote process. This offsets our costs and is why we do not charge a fee for setting up and renewing commercial property insurance on this policy.