Appointment of experienced consultant boosts Corporate Consulting team

Allan Engelhardt, experienced consultant has been appointed to our Corporate Consulting to lead a team supporting companies in making impactful decisions through the effective use of data.

Allan Engelhardt has over 20 years’ experience in management consulting and data science across numerous sectors. He advises companies on how to succeed in the data-rich economy through the effective use of data and science to deliver value through new insights.

"Allan has a focus on delivering commercial value from data whilst taking a practical and proportionate approach"
Nick Griggs

He has delivered growth and innovation for companies across the globe, building commercially accountable data science teams and helped drive innovations to transform business performance. He has the business experience to understand commercial and operational opportunities and interpret analytics to confidently bring data-lead insights to the board and operational management.

Allan Engelhardt, Associate at Barnett Waddingham, said; “Barnett Waddingham’s growth and development of existing services provides me with a unique platform to enhance our offerings through the effective use of data.

“I have worked closely with actuaries for many years and I value their practical skills in working with different types of data, model the impact, and deliver clear recommendations. In combining these skills with my commercial experience and an emphasis on delivering business focussed insights we believe we can offer something new to the market.”

Nick Griggs, Partner at Barnett Waddingham, said; “Allan joins us as we continue to enhance and grow our corporate services, building on a number of successful client projects and increasing demand for our Enterprise Risk Management and Workplace Wellbeing consultancy services.

“Allan has a focus on delivering commercial value from data whilst taking a practical and proportionate approach; his extensive management consulting experience with robust data science skills will strengthen the development and delivery of our service offerings to corporates.”