DrumRoll - refreshingly straightforward employee engagement

Today, Barnett Waddingham launches a creative agency, DrumRoll, to change the way employers communicate and engage with their workforce.

It will use techniques more familiar in the retail ‘buy’ world, alongside our established analytical and consultancy services, to help companies build a successful approach to workforce engagement.

Services will include regulatory communication that employers are required to tell staff, techniques to teach employees about their financial options regarding pensions, as well as wider financial and wellbeing issues and, most uniquely, seek to involve the workforce in a way that breaks the mould for communication. We recognise that every client is unique and our aim is to influence the right employee behaviour to meet each company’s objective.

The new venture will comprise six Barnett Waddingham consultants teamed with creative design agency, Studio Blup, to deliver this cutting edge communication and engagement beat.

"DrumRoll will help companies break the mould when it comes to the way they engage with employees about benefits."

Damian Stancombe, Head of Workplace Health and Wealth at Barnett Waddingham, said: “UK Plc and its workforce are crying out for pertinent education, communications and engagement when it comes to finances and benefits. Current methods just aren’t cutting through the noise. We believe DrumRoll will.

“In a landscape where there is increased confusion about the difference between communication and engagement, DrumRoll will help companies break the mould when it comes to the way they engage with employees about benefits. It puts the way people engage with everyday technology at the forefront and applies this tried and tested knowledge to employee engagement.

“Our research shows that employers want to do the right thing by employees, with 71% stating that a current short-term objective is to improve engagement with their defined contribution pension scheme. It is also important for employees as 79% want financial education included in the workplace.”


Helping you reach your engagement goals in a refreshingly straightforward way.