Staff resourcing

There may be occasions when you need extra resource to cover increases in workload due to unexpected projects or to cover temporary or longer term absence.

We can provide interim cover and support at short notice in planned or unplanned situations.

The following are examples of where we can help you but this list is by no means exhaustive:

  • Maternity/paternity/adoption leave of key personnel
  • Sickness absence of key personnel, such as the pensions manager and/or secretary to the trustees
  • Assistance during periods of high workloads or project implementation

Case Study 1

Barnett Waddingham provides actuarial services but administration is done in-house by one person. The client realises its pension administration set-up carries some serious risks and we regularly talk to them about this. This was borne out when their sole administrator was unexpectedly absent with an unknown date of return.

However, we were able to send an experienced administrator to the company within just a few days to help them through this difficult period, working in their office two days a week. In this case, the absence wasn't as prolonged as expected and they were soon able to return to normal in the knowledge that their administration had been well looked after in the intervening period.

Case Study 2

Barnett Waddingham provides full services. The client has a pensions manager who carries out the secretarial duties as well as some company related work. The pensions manager was going on maternity leave and so the company had been looking to recruit a temporary replacement. This recruitment was unsuccessful, because they couldn't find anyone with a broad enough knowledge base to handle the expected forthcoming issues.

Barnett Waddingham offered to help with this role, with an experienced administrator working in their office for two days a week. The client was attracted by the fact that even if the individual concerned didn't have all the skills and knowledge required, then someone within Barnett Waddingham would and could assist.