How analytics helped the British Red Cross to better understand its gender pay gap

By conducting analysis beyond mandatory gender pay gap reporting, Barnett Waddingham was able to help the British Red Cross to better understand where the pay gap was occurring within their workforce. 


It is vital for charities to demonstrate commitment and progress on their gender pay gap, as any reputational impact could affect funding, staffing and voluntary support, and thus impact the charitable cause. However, with the Covid-19 pandemic impacting the operations of the British Red Cross, there was limited internal resource left to conduct gender pay gap analysis. 

Test and analysis

Applying our pay gap analysis tool, we were able to quickly segment groups of employees, including those with multiple roles, different pay rates and hours, overseas locations, and casual workers. We provided efficient consultancy support around Government guidance and other official bodies so the charity could take an informed approach as to how to include them in the calculations. 

"With more detailed analytics from BW, the British Red Cross is now in a position to better understand the real factors impacting its pay gap."

The British Red Cross was also keen to voluntarily report on their ethnicity pay gap. Our tool was able to easily produce these additional figures, together with segmentation of their gender pay gap results by Office of National Statistics (ONS) ethnicity categories.

Whilst the result was negative overall (indicating a pay gap in favour of non-white ethnic groups), the more detailed analysis revealed significant differences between ethnicities, prompting the need for deeper consideration on an action plan.  


By providing more detailed analytics and interpretation of their results, the British Red Cross is now in a position to better understand the real factors impacting its pay gap and where to focus any targeted intervention.

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Our approach to gender pay gap reporting involves applying actuarial science to unlocking an organisation’s DNA – getting under its skin, uncovering what makes it unique and helping the employer identify the information that will help the business thrive in a competitive environment. Visit our Employer DNA page to learn more.

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