Expert witness reports

Our experience, breadth of technical knowledge and communication skills makes us ideally placed to provide expert witness reports.

A number of our experts have given evidence in court and many more have prepared expert witness reports under the Civil Procedures Rules.

We can assist with a wide range of issues, for example:

  • pension disputes
  • pension loss
  • pension settlement on divorce
  • trust valuations
  • investment loss

Case Study

The administration of a defined contribution (DC) scheme requires the prompt and accurate investment of contributions.  An efficient monthly investment cycle can be disrupted by innaccurate or missing data for a selection of members and procedures need to be in place to deal with this eventuality.  It is important not to disadvantage the rest of the members by any delays in investment.

There have been several cases where the timescales for the investment of contributions have been the subject of a dispute, in particular what can be considered as 'reasonable' in the particular circumstances.  In one such case we were able to assist the lawyers in assessing what could be considered reasonable timescales based on our experience and then calculate the loss to the members as a result of the delay.